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October 23, 2012
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Gracefulwitch asked... by jluvswicked Gracefulwitch asked... by jluvswicked
Hello, I'm JLuvsWicked, I answer questions so you don't have too. Tonight we're counting down my Top Eleven Favorite Critics on! Why Top Eleven? ... I seriously have no idea. And these are my personal favorites, if you don't like it, I don't care. Now let's get started! :D

Alright, I'm going to get this out of the way... I think Kyle is cute and his singing voice is sexy! But that's not the only reason he's on this list! Oh no, the main reason he's on here is because he does awesome crossovers. I could watch and rewatch his crossover episodes with JO and N-chick all day, he's just that funny... For his own show, well, I don't really appreciate art house films that much, so I don't really watch his show that much. Which is why he's ranked so low... Sorry dude. :heart:

Oh God, she's gonna kill me for putting her so low... But there's a reason for that! And mainly it's... "I don't get it." :shrug: I don't get the movies she reviews, I don't get the dispensable minions, I don't get the makeup... All I really do get is that her villainy is awesome, she does what she likes and gives not a fuck. And... What could be better than that? Just because I don't get it, doesn't mean she's not hysterically funny and introduces me to movies outside my comfort zone. And to that I have to say (or she'll shoot me) HAIL HAGAN!

Marzgurl is an exceptional reviewer that I'm just now getting to watch (which explains the low ranking... sorry dear...) She's funny, quirky and looks like one of the most hugable people in the world. She also has a pretty nice singing voice... And that's really all I got so far...

I love this girl! Oh my lord! Ok, quick backstory time. Elisa, aka Maven, was originally part of the Nostalgia Chick reviews as the Phantom-of-the-Opera-and-pink-obsessed Makeover Fairy. The Fairy was incredibly hilarious (especially when at odds with Nella), beautiful, and was known to fangirl out a bit. All of these characteristics stayed when she became Maven of the Eventide. She reviews anything to do with vampires and the occult, and does it so dramatically and fabulously that the Prima Donna in me just seemed to connect. Also, being a creature of darkness myself, I've seen all of her reviews. She's also a bit of a noob... Which explains the slightly lower ranking. :shrug: Again, sorry.

I actually owe a lot to Phelous. Before watching his reviews, I could never watch horror/slasher movies, letting the "movie magic" go too much to my head (making me lose hours upon hours of sleep each night). But Phelous's listless sense of humor and pointing out the (quite obvious) flaws of all of these films have truly helped me conquer my fear... BUT this also kind of makes me scared of Phelous in a way... Does NOTHING scare this dude? But I digress, he and Lupa also make a great reviewing pair and an ADORABLE couple! :squee:

Yes these two reviewers of music are tied... Mainly because they both review music-related stuff, are a bit too formulaic, and I haven't watched them in a while. And they're both great! They cameo well (both with Roses and team N-chick), they are both talented musically, and are not to shabby on the eyes either... (Well, what we CAN see of Todd. :XD: )

Ok, this nerdy girl is ADORABLE!! Goth attire, piercings, tattoos, and red-streaked hair all compliment her glasses, and nerdy love for videogames, vinyl, and the Monkees, all of which are things she reviews. But mostly videogames. And though she does do some reviews, she mainly plays through the games, which makes things a bit more interesting... Especially when she's not playing well... I'm sorry Roses, but your rages/skip-o-matics just leave me rolling! :rofl:

Funniest. Reviewer. On. The. Site. (Which is saying a LOT!) And the only Otaku I don't want to hit over the head with my witch's broom, cauldron, and combat boots (I go to an art school... There are MANY of them :sarcasm: ) I would also like to thank JO for re-introducing me to anime. For the longest time (mainly through high school...), I had stopped watching anime. Thinking is wasn't "cooool" anymore... But after watching all JO's reviews I have rediscoverd the beauty of Japanese animation and culture... And silly dubs. :meow:

Lupa is goofy, and we all love her because of it. I could relate to just diving into the $5 bin at Walmart and grabbing whatever looks interesting. But the way she reviews can only be described as professional sarcasm. She will joke and snark and even play along with the many hilariously bad things in the movies she's reviewing while giving the whole plot summary, but always end with an honest, professional, and sometimes profound look into the bad movies she reviews. Also, have I mentioned she and Phelous are adorable and play off eachother REALLY well? :love:

He's part of the reason I started watching the reviewers on TGWTG. And he will be missed as a reviewer. :cry: I am also very grateful to NC, for without him (and his brother) the website would not even exist... And the world would be a more miserable place... Well I think so at least. <:]

To explain... I am male, yes, but I grew up playing with girl toys, singing girl songs and watching relatively girly movies... So I watched (and still watch) the Nostalgia Chicks stuff more than any other reviewer on the site. She's a bit of a snarky bitch... And I absolutely adore her for it. She is also the other part of the reason I started watching reviews on TGWTG. Yes, my very first review with this lot was the "Ferngully" review, and it is (and always will be) one of my favorites. But Lindsay, the Nostalgia Chick herself, is not the only reason I watch this show... There are... PUPPIES!!! :D ... Okay, just one puppy, but she's still cute. And there's also her nerdy, catholic minon/best friend Nella, her other best friend and room mate Elisa (the Makeover Fairy/Maven), Lord McGuffin (in the earlier episodes), Lindsay's new room mate who she can never remember lives with her, and her boyfriend (Todd in the Shadows). The Nostalgia Chick has kind of evolved from a one-girl reviewing party into a reviewing sitcom, which has only improved with time. Nostalgia Chick also has the most musical episodes, which have shown me "Holy shit, most everyone on TGWTG can SING WELL!!!" (Mainly through the Les Mis and Little Mermaid reviews). Which has given me their respect in the highest, being a performer myself. And Lindsay has one of the most lovely, real, and memorable singing voices I have ever heard.

All in all, Thatguywiththeglasses has introduced me to a variety of media and have given me quite a few great internet-based roll models.

Alright, enough of my gushing! (I do that enough with all my TGWTG fanart.) There's my list, and I have no regrets! Thank you :icongracefulwitch: for the question! Enjoy my lovelies! :heart:

Any more questions? Ask me here on dA or on my tumblr ( [link] ) or on my twitter ( [link] )
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Pepperthecritic Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He is back :D
kayanne21 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. Apart from one or two, this is basically my exact reverse.

And Yes. I agree. Kyle is cute.
jluvswicked Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Indeed. :blush:
kayanne21 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
He's cuter in glasses though.
Rexaura888 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012
When you say canon, I'm assuming that you would have also included Nash/JO and Elisa/Paw had there been more space, right?

Was never too sure about relationships between co-workers, since it could put several strains on work or the relationship in question, but they seem to make it work, and I'm happy to see that. Even if it doesn't work out between them, as was the case between Lewis and Liz, they're at least civil about it. Still, it's great to see a place on the internet that allows for relationships to develop like that (and isn't a dating site).

I think my order would go something like this: Lupa --> Welshy --> JO --> Chick --> Phelous --> Cinema Snob --> Critic --> JW --> Oancitizen --> Linkara. Runner-ups: Film Brain, Sad Panda, SciFi Guy, Spoony (if he were still on the site), Nash, Hagan, and MikeJ (and pretty much everyone else on the site, but those people above stick out in my book).
jluvswicked Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Student General Artist
Nash/JO, yes. Elisa/Paw... Not really. I don't think they're together in real life (I thought she was with Lindsay's "forgotten roomate" guy person... Yeah, I don't know his name either.)

I have to agree with you on that.

And cool. :)
Rexaura888 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012
Well, I like to think that there is something, considering their commentaries for Fantasia as well as the ConBravo 2012 TGWTG panel, but I can see how they're not.
jluvswicked Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Student General Artist
I didn't go to ConBravo, so I know not of the interactions between Paw and Elisa. But according to Roses, Paw's been dating someone for a long time now... Is it Elisa? Who knows but the reviewers.
Rexaura888 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
Know it's a little late for a reply, but Elisa/Paw is now official (just like Hagan/Omega became official a few weeks ago). A lot of the TGWTG guys are sending their congrats over Twitter.
jluvswicked Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh well, then yes. I shall be shipping them as well. :meow:
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